Auditions - Jesus Christ Superstar

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by Tim Rice

Jesus Christ Superstar will be familiar, in basic fact, to anyone with knowledge of western religion. Borrowing from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the musical tells the story of the last seven days of Jesus Christ’s life. As the show opens, apostle Judas Iscariot is growing concerned that Jesus’ followers will be perceived as a threat to the occupying Roman Empire. Indeed, priests Caiaphas, Annas and more gather and agree that Jesus and his movement must be crushed. An exalted Jesus arrives in Jerusalem only to find the temple filled with unsavory merchants and money lenders. Overrun by a flood of people needing his help, he tells them to heal themselves, and his confidante Mary Magdalene has to calm him down. Judas, fearing the movement is getting out of Jesus’ control, goes to the Romans and tells them Jesus will be in the Garden of Gethsemane the following night. He receives 30 pieces of silver as payment. At the Garden, Judas arrives with Roman soldiers and identifies Jesus by kissing him on the cheek. Jesus is arrested and sent to Caiaphas, then Pontius Pilate and finally King Herod, who condemns his to death on the cross.

6-14 September 2019 @ The Doncaster Playhouse

Director: Renée Maloney
Musical Director: Benjamin Heels
Assistant Director: Katherine Elliot

Audition Requirements

Audition Dates
Monday 3rd June - 7.30-11pm
Wednesday 5th June - 7.30-11pm

Dance Audition
Sun 9th June from 5-6pm

Callbacks (if required)
Sun 9th June from 6.30pm

Rehearsal Information
First Rehearsal – Wednesday 12th June
Rehearsal Days – Monday (7:30pm – 10.30pm), Wednesday (7:30pm – 10:30), Sunday (1:00pm – 5:30)

Audition Venue
Phoenix HQ – Leeds Street, East Doncaster

Character Descriptions:

Jesus Christ - Male - 20-35 - Tenor (A2–G5) - Title role, leader of the twelve disciples, called the "Son of God" and the "King of the Jews." Jesus has a difficult time accepting his fate without answers on why he must die. This role requires an actor that can show Leadership, Confusion, Strength, Vulnerability and Optimism, often at the same time.

Judas Iscariot - Male - 20-40 - Tenor (D3–D5) - One of the twelve apostles of Jesus; concerned for the poor and the consequences of Jesus's fame. Judas believes in Jesus's teaching but has started to grow weary of those in power coming after him and his followers. The role requires an actor that can show Frustration, Yearning, Weakness, Dismay and Pessimism, often at the same time.

Mary Magdalene - Female - 20-35 - Mezzo-Soprano (F3–E♭5) - A female follower of Jesus who finds herself falling in love with him. The role requires an actress that can show Grace, Stability, Weakness and Compassion.

Pontius Pilate - Male - 30-50 - Tenor (A2–B4) - Governor of Judea who foresees the events of Jesus's crucifixion from beginning to aftermath in a dream and finds himself being presented with that very situation. The role requires an actor that can show Authority, Rage, Fragility, and Fear.

Caiaphas - Male - 30-50 - Bass (C♯2–F4) - One of the main antagonists of the show. High priest who sees Jesus as a threat to the nation. He is in a man in power who fears losing that power to Jesus. This role requires an actor that can show Anger, Power, and Angst.

Annas - Male or Female - 20-40 - Countertenor (G2–D5) - One of the main antagonists of the show. Fellow priest at the side of Caiaphas who is persuaded by Caiaphas into seeing Jesus as a threat. Annas can seem more conniving than Caiaphas. This role requires an actor/actress that can show Disgust, Displeasure, and Loathing

Peter Simon - Male - 20-40 - Baritone (A2–G4) - One of Jesus's twelve apostles; denies Jesus three times upon the night of Jesus's arrest to save himself. Peter has an obsession with impatience. This roles requires an actor that can show Tenacity, Worry, Impatience, and Regret.

Simon Zealotes - Male - 20-30 - Tenor (G3–B4) - One of Jesus's twelve apostles; urges Jesus to lead his followers into battle against the Romans. Simon is under the belief that violence can solve all their problems. This role requires an actor that can show Energy, Youthfulness and Animosity.

King Herod - Male - Any Age- Baritone (C♯3–G4) - The King of Galilee; Jesus is brought to him for judgment after first being taken to Pilate. Herod is a comedic role. He starts very nonchalant and as his song progresses he becomes more irritated when he doesn't get his way.

Apostles - Male and Female - All ages - All Ranges - The Apostles will look as if from every walk of life. We will be casting both men and women as Apostles.